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Scholarships and Sponsorships


Who May Apply? Individuals who are members of a multidisciplinary team-addressing child abuse, including employees of private agencies, representatives of Tribes, and state employees. Applicants must verify they are active with a current MDT or a developing MDT.

What Events Qualify for a CJA TF Scholarship? Events inside of Alaska that will improve participants’ knowledge and skills to diagnose, treat, investigate, prosecute and/or case manage situations of serious child abuse and child sexual abuse are the highest priority for training scholarships. The CJA TF Scholarship committee determines whether these goals are met when reviewing the agenda and statements from the applicant.

How are Scholarship Requests Prioritized? Requests will be prioritized to assure that the following disciplines have equal opportunity to attend training events within the State of Alaska: Law Enforcement, Medical, Prosecution, Child Protection, Behavioral Health, Victim Advocates, Child Protection Team members. Out of state training may be considered but is not a priority due to the large number of requests received annually by the TF. A maximum of 8 scholarships will be awarded per discipline per year.

Is there a set amount for thescholarship? All applicants and/or their agency are expected to provide at least 25% of the funds needed for the training event they propose to attend. While most scholarship awards are about $500, there is not a specific cap on the amount.

What is expected of scholarship recipient following the event? The scholarship recipient is asked to complete a short report to the CJA TF within 60 days following attendance at the event. A form is available for this purpose. Delinquent reports will be listed on the CJA TF website and those individuals and agencies will not be awarded additional scholarships until the reports are provided.

Contacting the CJA Scholarship Sub-Committee Members

D Owens
Pam Karaluna