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Prohibition of Sexual Harassment

It is the policy of the Division of Juvenile Justice that all employees conduct themselves in a manner that fosters a professional, respectful, and inclusive work environment:

Employees are expected to demonstrate behaviors that reflect positively on the Division and the State of Alaska. DJJ is committed to providing a workplace free from sexual harassment.

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Division of Juvenile Justice

COVID-19 Guidelines

The Division is following recommendations from both the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Public Health.

DJJ Facilities: Updated Visitation and Operation Phases

April 23, 2021- Effective 5/1/21, the Division of Juvenile Justice will implement PDFmodified visitation phases, continuing the use of COVID-19 community transmission data from the Department Health and Social Services dashboard alert levels, to guide our visitation and operation. At a minimum, our secure facilities will be open for limited visitation and volunteer opportunities unless on isolation or quarantine.

As community transmission levels improve, expanded opportunities for these activities will be instituted. Entry point screening criteria, including temperature, as well as other hygiene and sanitization mitigation protocols remain in effect when visiting, volunteering, or working in a DJJ facility. Screening questions include:

  • Do you have the following symptoms: fever, persistent cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell OR new onset of any of the following that cannot be attributed to a known health condition (i.e.: seasonal allergies): chills, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, muscle/body/headaches, sore throat, or congestion?
  • Have you been tested for COVID-19 as a result of symptoms or illness and are still awaiting the results? This does not include voluntary testing or testing done as a screening prior to medical/dental procedures or travel requirements.
  • Is your temperature above 100.4F?
  • If you have travelled outside the State of Alaska are you currently subject to mandatory quarantine time or additional testing?

We will work to update our website to reflect changes to visitation levels as they occur. Staff from DJJ facilities will reach out to parents of youth in our care to discuss visitation options and scheduling. Zoom technology will continue as a visitation option to families who are unable or uncomfortable visiting in person at this time.

COVID-19 Visitation


The Division of Juvenile Justice modified its visitation phases to include the use of COVID-19 community transmission data from the Department of Health and Social Services dashboard alert levels to guide our visitation phases. We will update any suspension of visitation due to quarantine or advancement to a next level of visitation on our website as soon as reasonably possible. Please note that we do not have real time access to update the webpage. Visitation is being conducting via phone calls or Zoom, please contact the individual facility for details on times. How to Join a Zoom Meeting

Visitation phase status by unit

ALL FACILITIES except Fairbanks Youth Facility are required to wear masks.

The most current visitation phase of each of our units is:

  • Bethel Youth Facility Detention: Phase 1
  • Bethel Youth Facility Treatment: Phase 1
  • Fairbanks Youth Facility Detention: Phase 2
  • Fairbanks Youth Facility Treatment: Phase 2
  • Johnson Youth Center Detention (Juneau): Phase 1
  • Johnson Youth Center Girls Treatment (Juneau): Phase 1
  • Kenai Peninsula Youth Facility: Phase 1
  • Mat-Su Youth Facility: Phase 1
  • McLaughlin Youth Center BDU (Anchorage): Phase 1
  • McLaughlin Youth Center GDU (Anchorage): Phase 1
  • McLaughlin Youth Center STX (Anchorage): Phase 1
  • McLaughlin Youth Center CCR (Anchorage): Phase 1
  • McLaughlin Youth Center BTU (Anchorage): Phase 1

Probation Offices

What to expect as a visitor to your local probation office:

  • All appointments are by appointment only. This is to ensure that prior to the meeting staff are able to conduct a verbal COVID screening with all parties who will be attending the meeting.
  • All visitors coming into the probation office will be required to wear a mask.
  • Staff will do their best to make sure social distancing for non-family members or family members not residing in the same household can social distance in the lobby and during the meeting.
  • All visitors will be required to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entering the building.
  • All visitors will be asked COVID screening questions and their temperature will be taken. Anyone who answers “yes” to any screening questions or has a temperature over 100.4F, will not be able to enter the office. If visitors are unable to meet in person, staff will attempt to set up the meeting via the phone, Zoom or other appropriate means.
  • Visitors can bring in their own thermometers, but must take their temperature in front of staff. If the reading is consistently low, visitors will be required to take their temperature with a sanitized thermometer provided by staff.
  • Staff will document any visitors who enter the building for tracing purposes, by writing their name and if they were approved or denied on a daily log sheet.
  • All probation offices have daily cleaning protocols and will also clean after each meeting to include lobbies and meeting rooms.

Wish Lists for DJJ Facilities

Due to COVID-19, youth are not able to participate in their normal activities. In order to help keep our youth busy and engaged during this time, staff (with youth input) have created Amazon Wish Lists for facilities. Please make sure to read the rules at the top of each list. We thank you greatly for your donation!

Family and Youth Well-being During COVID-19

DJJ acknowledges the stress and uncertainty this pandemic is placing on families and individuals. We would like to thank the Office of Children’s Services, the Child Welfare Academy and the Alaska Children’s Trust for putting together the following YouTube videos: