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Fairbanks Pioneer Home

Fairbanks Pioneer Home Exterior 

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The Fairbanks Pioneer Home was the second of the six Alaska Pioneer Homes to open. It began serving the community in 1967 shortly before the infamous Chena River flood. The home weathered the flood without major damage and a peaceful life for the elders returned shortly afterward. Located on 16 quiet acres of birch trees and blueberry patches, the campus around the Pioneer Home displays its beauty all year long. Conveniently located next to the local senior center, elders have easy access to a wide variety of activities both outside and inside the home. Staff and elders take great pride in maintaining the wonderful flower, herb and vegetable gardens that are part of the Pioneer Home campus.

The Fairbanks Pioneer Home is laid out in three neighborhoods with accommodations for 91 elders. The neighborhood concept is instrumental in building an atmosphere where loved ones who have dementia are safe and feel appreciated. Many of the elders in the Fairbanks home are great pioneers from the first half of the 20th century who worked as homesteaders, miners, bush pilots and more across Alaska. These pioneering icons range in age from mid-60's to over 100!


The Fairbanks Pioneer Home is an Eden Alternative® Registered Home and is dedicated to ensuring quality of life for elders and staff through an environment rich with plants, animals, children and activities with community members of all ages. The home is committed to providing compassionate care to residents, staff, family and community by nurturing the body, mind and spirit and preserving dignity and individuality. Our staff are passionate about meeting the diverse needs of our elders, from those who are fully independent to those with in-depth physical and memory care needs. For a detailed listing of services and levels of care offered by the Alaska Pioneer Homes, please see our About Us webpage.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities at the Fairbanks Pioneer Home please contact the home’s activities department at 907-458-2221.