Bird TLC comes to visit Anchorage Pioneer Home

10/11/2017 - The residents of the Anchorage Pioneer Home were treated to a presentation and visit by two special guests from Bird TLC (Treatment and Learning Center).

Center volunteer and educator Sharon Larson brought along her feathered friend, Mr. Hoot. Having been shot at any early age, Mr. Hoot was brought to the center for surgery and rehabilitation. Unfortunately, his injury does not allow him to be reintroduced to the wilderness so he has become Sharon's educational partner. They travel to schools, clinics, and various events to promote the protection of wild birds and explain the functions of the clinic.

Bird TLC has permits from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Alaska Department of Fish & Game to rehabilitate sick and injured or orphaned birds and return them to normal life in the wild when possible. The organization works with eagles, owls, hawks, ducks, geese, songbirds, and many other wild birds.
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Enjoy our photos of Mr. Hoot and Sharon from their visit to the home. Thank you Bird TLC. It was a "real hoot" of a time!

Sharon Larson holding Mr. HootOwl, Mr. Hoot 

Sign with words Live BirdSharon Larson holding Mr. Hoot and photo of owl habitatTwo Pioneer Home residents loking at sheet of owl types Sharon Larson holding Mr. Hoot

Sharon Larson holding Mr. Hoot while presentingMan holding paper with photos of owlsOwl wing feathersSharon Larson showing owl wing feathersSharon Larson placing Mr. Hoot in cageSharon Larson showing owl wing feathers to residents