You make a difference: Impact into adulthood

The impact of abuse and neglect can last into adulthood and through the lifespan. Research shows that children who experience abuse and neglect often become adults who experience:

  • Increased behavioral problems in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.
  • Increased rate of teen pregnancy.
  • Increased rate of re-victimization.
  • Increased rate of abusive behaviors toward own partners and children.
  • Increased criminal activity, aggression, alienation, withdrawal, and isolation.
  • Increased medical and mental health problems in children and adults.
  • Learning and emotional disabilities.
  • Lack of parenting skills and bonding capacity.
  • Poor relationship skills.

*(Adverse Childhood Experiences: ACE study, Dr. Vincent Felitti)

More information on the effects of ACEs in Alaska is available on: Adverse Childhood Experiences in Alaska, Overcoming ACEs in Alaska.

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