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Reporting Process

What information will I need?

When you call to report a suspected case of child abuse or neglect, the OCS worker will want to know all the information listed below. Please be prepared to give as much information as possible to OCS.

  • Name, age, date of birth, gender, ethnic heritage/race and current address of the child, and if known the child’s Alaska Native or American Indian Tribal Affiliation
  • The location of everyone involved at the time the report is made
  • Names, addresses and phone numbers of parents, out of home parents, and the child’s siblings
  • Name, Address, Phone Numbers of the person suspected for maltreatment
  • The details of the primary concern, how often it is happening and how severe is it? Did you witness it and if so, when?
  • Was there an incident or situation that led to the report?
  • Any action taken by reporter (or others)
  • Names of individuals and their contact information who might have more information
  • The names, addresses and phone numbers of others who have knowledge of the incident or situation
  • Anonymous reports are also acceptable (mandatory reporters must provide their name and contact information so it can be verified that they reported)

Please also provide to OCS any documents that support the facts of the report.


In this video an OCS Intake Supervisor describes the information that is helpful to OCS when a report is made and the advice he often gives to reporters regarding what to remember to report and what to look for when they think a child may have been abused.

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