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Reporting Process

What NOT to do

It is important to provide OCS and law enforcement accurate information. At the same time there are some things that mandatory reporters and anyone reporting neglect or abuse should not do:

  • Do not investigate the situation yourself
  • Do not question or interview the child about the abuse
  • If the child has made a statement do not paraphrase or change it — use exactly the words the child has said
  • Do not bargain with the child or bribe the child to disclose something
  • Do not report only to your supervisor (that does not relieve you of your reporting duties), you are still mandated to report.
  • You are not required to notify the parent that you are reporting to OCS
  • Do not make the report in a public place where others can overhear you
  • Do not share the information in the report with others in the community
  • If a child discloses to you or gives you information, do not promise to keep it secret
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