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Know the signs: Sexual Abuse

Signs Sexual Predators may Exhibit

93% of victims under the age of 18 know the abuser. An adult who is sexually abusing a child may show the following signs:

  • Is very protective of child or limits the child’s contact with others, especially those of the opposite sex
  • Tend to keep to themselves
  • Is jealous or controlling with family members
  • Refuses to allow child to socialize with other children or speak to another adult outside of the home
  • Secretive
  • Exhibits hypersexual activity
  • Exposes self to others
  • Hesitates or brushes away need to seek medical help for child injuries
  • Low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and personality problems
  • Often offers to babysit or take care of child(ren)on overnight trips
  • Out of the ordinary interest in physical play with child (wresting, tickling, kissing, hugging)
  • Selects a “special child”
  • Has secret interactions with teens or children (e.g., games; sharing drugs, alcohol, or sexual material)
  • Frequently walks in on child/teen in the bathroom
  • Allows child/teen to get away with inappropriate behavior.
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