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Child & Youth

Are you a child or youth worried about your safety?

Being sheltered-in-place, away from school and friends, can be stressful for all children and youth. While you are home, you deserve to have basic needs met, like food to eat and someone to care for young children. You also deserve to be safe, with no one hitting, kicking, or hurting you in any way, and no one making you do sexual things or touching you in ways that are uncomfortable or “secret.” If you feel scared and unsafe, or have no one to take care of you, or if people in your home are hurting each other, you can call:

For immediate emergencies call 911 or 

Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-478-4444

Are you a foster youth?

You have rights and resources during this pandemic, to make sure you can stay safe and cared for.

Here is information put together by Facing Foster Care in Alaska on What Foster Youth Need to Know During COVID19