VPN request

Instructions for Completing and Submitting the VPN Form:

Please complete the ETS VPN request form and obtain your supervisor and director’s signatures.  When signed, scan the form to a PDF and email to the ITS HelpDesk at helpdesk@alaska.gov OR fax to the ITS Help Desk at 907-465-8150 or 907-269-0141.  

VPN Form

Responsibilities, Timelines and Notification for VPN Requests:


The ITS Help Desk, DHSS Security Office and ETS are all part of the VPN account creation process. Under normal circumstances, VPN account creation requests take 5-7 business days to process.
The ITS Help Desk is responsible for receipt of the forms, validating the information, obtaining the DHSS Security Officer’s signature and then submitting the account request to ETS. You should expect to receive an email from the ITS Help Desk that a Service Desk ticket has been created within 2 hours of receipt of your form.  (The email will be delivered from NoReplyHssServiceDesk@alaska.gov). Please contact the ITS Help Desk at helpdesk@alaska.gov  if you have not received an email notification with your Service Desk Incident No number within 2 hours of emailing or faxing your form.
You should also expect to receive at least two email notifications from ETS during this process*.  ETS will notify you when they first receive the account creation request and have entered it into their tracking system. (The email will be delivered from USD_No_Reply@state.ak.us). You will receive another email from ETS when your VPN account creation has been completed.

Finally, you should be contacted by the ITS Help Desk to follow up with you after ETS has completed your VPN account request. 


Instructions for Downloading and Installing the VPN Client software:

Review the instructions and download a VPN client on OIT's VPN Configuration page.

* VPN requests for contractors: Email and ticket notifications for contractor accounts may be sent to the state employee that is listed as the “Supervisor” on the VPN form.