Ketchikan Archives and Photos

June 2012: First Annual Dog Show

The Ketchikan Pioneer Home held its First Annual Dog Show on Saturday, June 23rd. A panel of judges, three residents and one volunteer, reviewed 22 doggie participants. The show was covered by the local paper and KRBD radio station and was a huge success!

Resident Ilona Brady with Bernard.
Resident Ilona Brady snuggles with Bernard, owned by Adrienne O'Brien.

View Sylvie, another gorgeous entrant. She is owned by Rosie Roppel.

May, 2011: Mickey makes a Mother's Day visit

Kathlyn Linne, a resident of the Ketchikan Pioneer Home enjoyed a Mother's Day visit from Mickey and Minnie Mouse off the ship Disney Wonder. The duo came into Ketchikan and made several public appearances, including a visit to the Ketchikan Pioneer Home.

Mickey and Kathlyn