Anchorage Pioneer Home Garden Boxes

Plenty of sun and rain gave Southcentral a beautiful summer for growing things this year, and Anchorage Pioneer Home’s resident gardeners enjoyed great success with their garden boxes. Activities Director Bob Montague instructed a team of four judges to pick a few top boxes to receive prizes, just for fun. The deciders were Home Administrator Rich Saville, Assistant Administrator Jerri VanSandt, and Department of Health & Social Services Public Information Team members Karen Copley and Sarana Schell.

The judges were torn – they loved looking at the gorgeous flowers and vegetables, but had a terrible time choosing top picks. There was something to appreciate about each box, and some that had gone by had obviously been spectacular earlier in the summer. Each judge had different favorites, too. After much time agreeing that all the gardens were wonderful, the judges decided to each give points to five boxes, then see which boxes ended up with the most points. They gave Bob the names of these talented gardeners:

  • First Place: Odette Beurrier
  • Second Place: Dorothy Douglas
  • Third Place: Ivan Gilliam

Congratulations to all gardeners on their boxes, and thanks from all who enjoy them, including passersby on the street below. You brighten our city!

First place winner: Odette Beurrier

Orange and yellow nasturtiumsNasturtiums  

Second place winner: Dorothy Douglas

Pink, white, and purple flowersClsoe up of frog with a banjo statue in flower box  

Third place winner: Ivan Gilliam

Third place winner's full garden boxClose up of large leaves  

All the garden boxes were winners in our opinion.

The decision was difficult! Just look!

box 5
box 11

box 6
box 7
Box 3

box 4
box 10
box 12