Father’s Day chili cook-off at the Anchorage Pioneer Home

Sunny weather and chili power brought out some tough competition in the Anchorage Pioneer Home Iron Chef Challenge on Father's Day. Contestants created their best chili recipes with beans, peppers, beef, chicken and even moose. Along with condiments of cheese, sour cream, and various sauces.

Scores were based on a number system which gave points for taste, creativity and best presentation. The judging was tough. The top three winners were:

    • 1st place: Ben Sizemore
    • 2nd place: Robert Montague
    • 3rd place: Rich Saville

Resident, family members and friends enjoyed hotdogs and hamburgers grilled by members
of the Alaska Masons Alpha Lodge No. 1, a sponsor of the event. The Alaska Button Box Gang kicked up the fun with accordion music and root beer floats were served by Vickie Card and Heather Dearing, staff members at the home.

Ben Sizemore, 1st place winner
Ben Sizemore 1st place winner

Rich Saville and Robert Montague
Rich Saville, 3rd place winner and Robert Montague, 2nd place winner enjoy the spicy delights.


Vickie Card
Pioneer Home activities staff, Vickie Card, above, and Heather Dearing, below, serve the judges.
Heather Dearing

Roof Top Fun 

Homemade sauce
Homemade sauces by one contestant compliment the chili competition.
Homemade sauce

Iron Chef Award Pan
Iron Chef Award Pan

Hot dog stand
Root beer floats were a cool treat on a warm summer day.