Pioneering through pandemic times of COVID-19

Alaska Pioneer Homes practice coronavirus safety

Family, friends and residents find creative ways to practice physical distancing and safe ways to stay connected during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Support comes in many ways. We wish to thank everyone who has reached out to our residents and homes bringing joy and love.

Children from Rivendell Academy in Fairbanks have been sending cards and drawings to the Fairbanks Pioneer Home Elders. Alaska Caring Notes, an initiative for children who are home from school to take time to write notes to residents in nursing and assisted living homes, has also brought many smiles to our elders. PDF Read some of the comments and notes here.


Thank you students of Machetanz Elementary for your donation of art to brighten up our home.Students from Machetanz Elementary create paintings for the Alaska Veterans and Pioneers Home.

Photo of handmade masks.
Anchorage Pioneer Home receives donated masks.

Photo of staff with mask making hand heart sign.
Staff from the Juneau Pioneer Home gives a heartfelt thank you to our local quilters for their masks donations.

Resident at window reading signs held by family outside.
A family practices physical distancing while still communicating during the coronavirus by holding up signs to a resident in the Ketchikan Pioneer Home.

Centarian Anne with staff wearing masks.
Ketchikan Pioneer Home resident Anna Ruaro, practices safe distancing with style!

Photo of people standing outside wishing Anne birthday greetings.
Nothing can stop Anna Ruaro, a resident of Ketchikan Pioneer Home, from celebrating her 100th birthday during COVID-19.

Alaska Veterans and Pioneers home staff with donated hand sanitizer.
Alaska Veterans and Pioneers Home staff hold up bottles of donated sanitizer.

Photo of resident with laptop computer.
A resident from Ketchikan Pioneer home enjoys FaceTime with family on her laptop.

Resident on digital tablet having Face Time with a family member.
Family FaceTime on a digital tablet makes distancing a little easier during the coronavirus quarantine.

Photo of colorful handicrafted medical masks holders.
Colorful masks holders donated by crafty friends for the Alaska Pioneer Homes is an uplifting way to hold things in place!

Photo of poster thanking nurses, aides, administrators and Nana staff of the Juneau Pioneer Home.
Posters and notes of gratitude for staff and medical personnel.

Photo of poem written by a resident's daughter.
A poem written for the staff that cares for her mother who is a resident of the Juneau Pioneer Home.

Photo of resident touching finger to window practicing COVID distance.
Sitka resident having a special distancing moment with visitor from Brave Heart Volunteers and her little one.

Quality FaceTime for Sitka Pioneer Home resident makes virus distancing life much happier.